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Alphabet Finger Puppets Wooden Toy

Alphabet Finger Puppets Wooden Toy

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Alphabet Finger Puppets Wooden Toy Encourages Kids to Merge Puppetry with the Alphabet is a simple yet thrilling way to read, form words and keep children interested. They begin experimenting by 'wearing' different finger puppets to see what words can be formed. That's what gives this toy a universal appeal. Parents and children can both play various games by simply slipping on these finger puppets.   

How to Play?

Putting the wooden puppet on a finger and reading what is written on it is very exciting for young children. They like to turn the puppet in every direction to form the right word. The fun of puppetry and language combined in one.



  • Show the child how to put on the puppet on a finger and ask them to read the sound of the alphabet on the front of the finger.


  • Help children associate sounds to each letter.


  • Take one puppet and place it facing upwards to be able to see the letter. Say the sound of the letter and ask the child to find another puppet with the same letter. Put both puppets on separate fingers and say the sound of the letter, like “d” and “d” (in Hindi).


  • Give the child pictures of simple 3 and 4 letter words and ask the child to form words on the fingers. Playing with this toy improves children's word formation skills and overall reading and pre-writing skills.


  • This toy stimulates children's physical actions & hones fine motor skills of their tiny delicate fingers.


  • Importantly it encourages social activity where the child engages with a friend or a parent while playing.

The Child Learns to:

1. Recognize the Words.

2. Improve Words Association Skills.

3. Develop Physical Actions.

4. Develop Social Activity Skills.

Box Contains:

12 Printed Wooden Puppets and Instruction Manual

Alphabet Finger Puppets Wooden Toy Video:  Specifications



Model No

SK 040

Age Group

4 Years



Product Type

Wooden Toys




0.36 g


100 X 100 X 100 mm


1 Unit

What is in the Box?

12 Printed Wooden Puppets and Instruction Manual

Country of Manufacture


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