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Bunny Stacking Toy

Bunny Stacking Toy

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Kids love playing with classic stacker toys. We brings to you a fun-filled baby bunny stacker toy that comes with five colourful wooden rings and a baby bunny topper to stack on the wooden base. The bunny on the top ads is more fun for kids of 12 months and up. The finely crafted pieces are easy to grasp and are coloured like a bunny. It delights the kids and helps them develop fine motoring skills and hand-eye coordination. Our bunny stacker also stimulates the imagination and sensory skills of children.

How to play?

The perfect way to play with a stacking toy is to let the child hand you the stacking rings. As a parent, we must show them how to play. We need to break each task in the activity into simple steps and think about whether the child will be able to do that.

  1. Once you break down an activity into simple steps, show them how to do it with slow hand movements, this helps the child to observe clearly and memorize the sequence of operations.
  2. Try to avoid talking while you demonstrate the activity. Help the child to keep their attention on the action.
  3. Try not to confuse them by doing the activity each time differently. Make it easier for kids to pick up any steps they missed.

Why Stacking toys are so important for children's development?

Do you remember playing with stacking toys when you were a little kid? Stacking toys are one of the first learning toys for children. We are sure that almost all of us had so much fun with them.

Stacking toys are one of the most popular toys. It always has a place in the heart of children and parents. But why? Let us see a few benefits of stacking toys and why it is so popular among parents and children.

Have you ever noticed the satisfaction on your child's face when they complete a task or an activity? Child-led play is one of the most important things during their early years. Kids enjoy that feeling of pride when they complete playing with their favourite toys. Let us look at how these toys can help children develop their brains.

  1. Hand-eye coordination - Children develop a connection between their hands by stacking the pieces on top of each other.
  2. Problem-solving skills - Children learn about the different sizes and shapes and how smaller pieces are more stable when placed on larger pieces.
  3. Cause and effect - Thinking about cause and effects is a skill we need in all our ages. What happens if I do this question develops a sense of curiosity in children.
  4. Gross motor skill development - If the pieces of the toy are scattered around, children walk or crawl to reach them
  5. Fine motor skills development - Playing with stacker toys requires definite motor skills. Stacker toys help to develop this skill.
  6. Goal setting - Fixing a goal and completing it gives kids and adults a sense of pride. Isn't that wonderful?



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