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DIY Space Exploration Clock

DIY Space Exploration Clock

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  1. Transform your child's room into a cosmic sanctuary with the Cosmic Creations DIY Space Exploration Clock Kit.
  2. Watch as they dive into the mysteries of the universe, one brushstroke at a time, and proudly display their celestial creation for all to see.
  3. Get ready for hours of educational, hands-on fun that will leave your little astronaut over the moon

Unleash Creativity: Encourage creativity and self-expression as your child paints and assembles their own cosmic masterpiece. The kit includes high-quality non-toxic paints, brushes, and stencils, ensuring a safe and engaging crafting experience.

Learn While Creating: Turn crafting time into a learning opportunity! Each kit comes with a companion educational booklet that introduces young explorers to fascinating facts about planets, space missions, and celestial phenomena.It's a delightful blend of play and education.

Build Fine Motor Skills: The intricate details of painting planets and rockets will help improve fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Watch as your child gains confidence and precision with every brushstroke.

Easy Assembly: The clock mechanism is straightforward to install, with step-by-step instructions that even young hands can follow. Once assembled, the clock becomes a functional and decorative piece, adding a touch of cosmic charm to any room.

Quality and Safety Assured: Crafted from premium materials, the Cosmic Creations kit prioritizes safety and durability. The paints are water-based and completely washable, making clean-up a breeze. Parents can feel confident in providing a safe and enriching playtime experience.

Great Gift Idea: Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just to foster a love for space, this DIY clock kit makes an excellent gift choice. It's a unique way to inspire curiosity about the cosmos and ignite a lifelong passion for learning.

Prepare Your Materials:

  • Locate the round wooden frame provided in your kit. Ensure you have the number stickers, paint set, and space-themed cut outs at hand.
  • Applying the Number Sticker: Carefully peel off one of the number stickers and apply it onto the wooden frame in the desired position. Press down firmly to ensure it adheres well. Unleash Your Creativity: Using the paints provided, let your imagination take flight!
  • Apply colors to the designated cut outs on the frame. Don't be afraid to get creative with your color choices. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Adorn with Space-Themed Cut Outs: Once the paint is dry, select your favorite space-themed cut outs from the kit.
  • Arrange them evenly around the frame, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing layout. Insert the Clock Mechanism: Locate the hole in the center of the wooden frame. Take the clock mechanism provided and carefully insert the spindle through this hole, ensuring it fits snugly.
  • Attach the Clock Hands: Gently press the hour, minute, and second hands onto the corresponding spindles of the clock mechanism, securing them in place. Setting the Time: Turn the clock hands to set the correct time according to your preference. Power Source (if applicable): If your clock requires batteries, insert them into the designated compartment on the back of the clock mechanism.
  • Hang Your Masterpiece: Find the perfect spot on your wall for your newly crafted space-themed clock. Use a suitable nail or hook to securely hang it, making sure it's level and well-positioned.




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3 to 12 Years

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Activity Toy








1 Unit

What is in the box?

One Round Wooden Base , One Sticker for clock , Clock Mechanism Set , Set of 12 color paints , Fevicol , Seven Cutouts

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