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Practivity Toy Box - Level 3, For 5-6 Year Olds

Practivity Toy Box - Level 3, For 5-6 Year Olds

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The toy box contains a beautifully designed set of toys and games with clear learning outcomes that are achieved through Activity Based Learning (ABL) for children in the age group of 5 to 6 years (Level 3).

Did you know your child can multiply, speak 5 languages, identify all continents, read 8 letter words, by the age of 6 enjoying every bit of learnings?

Activity based learning is not just fun, but transforms the way children learn. Practivity is a product of Kreedo, a high quality early learning solution that has produced high learning outcomes in children through scientifically designed toys. Kreedo is now bringing this learning to your home through the practivity toy box.


  • Concrete learning happens in incremental steps through these activity-based and game-based tasks
  • The box contains 24 toys and 4 accessories and a detailed instruction manual
  • Children can play 89 different games with the toys in the box engaging them for more than 6 months at a stretch.
  • With such an exhaustive list of games/activities, children are engaged for long periods of time thus effortlessly meeting learning objectives
  • The toy box also makes it easier for parents to get children away from gadgets as they are engaged in productive play
  • The games are designed as single-player and multi-player providing opportunities for self-learning as well as interactive play

Practivity Level 3 Toys Box Video


- Literacy

- Numeracy

- Sensorial Development

- Logical Reasoning

- Fine Motor Skill

The games and activities cover skill sets in the following learning areas:

  1. Cognition
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Using geometric shapes for construction
    • Learning & Understanding Animal Classification
    • Identifying States of India
  2. Numeracy
    • Place Value – Understanding units, tens and hundreds
    • Number Sequencing 1 to 1000
    • Simple Addition
    • 2 Digit Addition with carryover
    • Multiplication tables 1 to 10
    • Single Digit Subtraction
  3. Literacy
    • Reading & forming words with phonograms
    • Recognizing nouns, verbs and adjectives
    • Forming simple sentences
    • Enrichment of vocabulary

Toys in the box


  • Pattern Frames
  • Pattern Cube
  • Creative Geometry
  • India Map Puzzle
  • Bharat Yatra
  • Food Hunt
  • Animal Kingdom


  • Arithmetic Box
  • Skittles (set of 100)
  • Step and Slide 1 to 100
  • Hundred, Tens and Units
  • Number Cards 1 to 900
  • Multiplication Fact Cards
  • Mall Trip
  • Subtraction Hive
  • Subtraction Cards
  • Chhateesi 


  • Word Tiles
  • Letter Cube
  • Sentence Builder
  • Verb Game
  • Nouns and Adjectives
  • Lingo
  • Phono-World


  • Roulette
  • Timer
  • Roulette Card Dice / Animal Kingdom
  • Roulette Card Adjective / Verbs
  • Roulette Cards Lingo X 2

The procedures of the games are documented in the detailed instruction manual provided with the box. The procedures are also explained through Youtube videos the link for which is given in the instruction manual. Parent assistance may be required in a few of the games. Once you explain the rules of the games, the children can continue to play and learn on their own.

Box Contains:

24 toys and 4 accessories and a detailed instruction manual




Marketed By

Kido Enterprises

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Age Group

5 Years and above

Product Type

Activity Toy Box


High-Quality Wood






4 Kgs


1 Set 

What is in the box?

24 toys and 4 accessories and a detailed instruction manual

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Gurpreet Kaur
Nice Quality

good product

Manisha Kumari
Good Product

beautifully designed set for kids

Manisha Pawar
Beautifully Designed Set

good play kit for kids

Vidya Shashi Kiran
Excellent product

very beautifully designed set..

Stitha Udith
Excellent product

good product my kid like it so much .

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