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Montessori Division Learning Board

Montessori Division Learning Board

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A square board with 9 vertical rows of 9 cavities on each row. Over the cavities, the numbers from 1 to 9 are printed horizontally over a green band. Numbers 1 to 9 are printed vertically with 9 small green wooden skittles & 81 green beads stored in a wooden box.

  • An excellent Educational toy to make your child understand the concept of division
  • Get the basics right, your child can do wonders in Maths
  • This educational product will help in practically make understand the meaning of divisor, dividend and remainder
  • No Memorization / No Byheart - Learn practically

How to Use

There is a Board and a bead box with beads and skittles,

  1. Start with small number divisions. Let us say you take 10 divided by 2
  2. Ask Child to pick 2 green skittles and place it on the top of the board which has a big slot (In the green band region)
  3. Ask child to now pick 10 beads as this needs to divided among two
  4. Ask child to divide now among the two skittles by placing beads in the slots provided below the green band (In the yellow region)
  5. Stop till the beads are divided equally. When the beads are equally divided, ask the child is there a remainder. In case of 10 / 2, there will be no beads remaining
  6. This way you can introduce division nos of various options

Note :- Kidken is having a Montessori Maths book which helps child in understanding the division concept in a simple way and also acts as a worksheet. Please do buy Contains a board and a box consisting of plastic beads and Wooden skittles. Note this Product should be used by 4+ years under adult supervision. A must-have Product to understand Division concept practically. Make your child master in maths by learning division using this amazing educational toy. Product Proudly made in India using high-quality wood and paints which are eco friendly and comply to EN71 standards.




Model No


Age Group

4 - 10 years

Product Type

Learning & Exploration


High-quality Wood




25*20*6 Centimeters


300 Grams


1 Pack 

What is in the box?

A square board with 9 vertical rows of 9 cavities on each row with numbers from 1 to 9 printed; 9 small green wooden skittles & 81 green beads stored in a wooden box

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