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Montessori Math Shapes & Circle Seriation Puzzle

Montessori Math Shapes & Circle Seriation Puzzle

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Introducing the ultimate Montessori Wooden Knob Puzzle Combo – a dynamic duo that promises endless hours of engaging and educational playtime for your little one. This combo includes two distinct puzzles: the Shapes Puzzle and the Circle Seriation Puzzle, each carefully designed to captivate and nurture essential developmental skills.

  • Shapes Puzzle: Watch your child's eyes light up as they explore the world of shapes with our captivating Shapes Puzzle. Featuring primary shapes – circle, square, and triangle – this puzzle challenges your child to match each shape to its corresponding slot. The sturdy knobs make grasping and placing the pieces a breeze, enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Circle Seriation Puzzle: Take exploration to the next level with our Circle Seriation Puzzle. Featuring three sizes of circles in varying shades of vibrant yellow, this puzzle encourages your child to arrange the circles from smallest to largest using jumbo knobs. As they master the seriation sequence, they'll develop logical thinking, spatial awareness, and the ability to differentiate sizes and colors.
  • Skill Building: The Montessori Wooden Knob Puzzle Combo is a powerhouse for skill development:
- Fine Motor Skills: Grasping the knobs and manipulating puzzle pieces hones fine motor skills.
- Cognitive Growth: From shape recognition to sequencing circles, cognitive abilities are nurtured.
- Problem-Solving: Both puzzles encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning.
- Color and Size Differentiation: The Circle Seriation Puzzle enhances understanding of color and size relationships.
  • Non-Toxic, Naturally Safe: Safety is paramount. Our puzzles are crafted from non-toxic, natural materials like beachwood & non-toxic paints ensuring your child's well-being during play. Smooth finishes guarantee worry-free exploration, making learning both fun and safe.

Invest in a playtime experience that sparks creativity, learning, and growth with the Montessori Wooden Knob Puzzle Combo. Watch as your child's confidence flourishes while they embark on a journey of discovery and development.



Nesta Toys

Model No


Age Group

9+ Months

Product Type



Premium Birch Ply Wood


1 KG




2 unit

What is in the box?

2 Montessori Math Shapes & Circle Seriation Puzzle


Circle Seriation Puzzle Size - 32.5 cm× 11 cm (Circle diameter - 8.5 cm, 7 cm, 5.5 cm)

Shape Puzzle Size - 32.5 cm× 11 cm (Circle - 8 cm dia, Square - 8 cm side, Triangle - 8 cm side)

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