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Montessori Stereognostic Learning Bag

Montessori Stereognostic Learning Bag

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  • Stereognostic bags for developing the stereognostic sense
  • It has 8 Pairs of different geometrical 3D Shapes and stored in a cotton bag
  • A Must have Educational toy to improve thinking skills, Imagination skills, touch and sense

How to Use

  1. Take any one shape and isolate it
  2. Ask the child, to find another one just like this?
  3. Let him look at the objects and find its pair
  4. They are kept away in the left top corner
  5. Then suggest that the child takes any other object and isolate it and find its pair
  6. When all the pairs are done, put them all back in the bag
  7. Repeat now with closed eyes. Make child blind using a blind fold or handkerchief and take any one object from within the bag and leave it out
  8. Ask Child to find another one just like this one
  9. When he has found its pair, ask him to take another and find its pair in a similar manner




Model No


Age Group

3 - 10 years

Product Type

Learning & Exploration


High-Quality Wood



15*11*8 Centimeters


1 Pack 

What is in the box?

8 Pairs of different geometrical 3D Shapes and stored in a cotton bag

Country of Manufacture


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