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Montessori Wooden World Map with Continents & Earth Core

Montessori Wooden World Map with Continents & Earth Core

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Embark on an awe-inspiring journey deep within the Earth's layers with our captivating Earth Core Puzzle – a 2-layer STEM puzzle thoughtfully designed for curious minds aged 3 years and above. Crafted from premium Birch ply and adorned with vibrant images printed directly on wood, this Montessori-inspired masterpiece invites immersive learning and exploration.

Diverse Play, Infinite Learning:

  • Layer by Layer Exploration: Begin by assembling the outer layer, revealing the continents – North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. Explore the shapes, sizes, and geographical locations of each continent.
  • Unveil Earth's Mysteries: Dive deeper by adding the inner layer to discover the Earth's core. Uncover the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core, piecing together the intricate layers that form our planet.
  • Interactive Learning: Use the puzzle as a hands-on tool for interactive lessons. Discuss the continents, their unique features, and how they fit together like a puzzle piece on Earth's surface.
  • Geography Game: Challenge your child to name the continents and place them correctly, enhancing their understanding of geography and spatial awareness.
  • Layer Identification: Encourage your child to match the layers of the Earth's core to their names. Discuss the properties and characteristics of each layer, introducing basic geological concepts.

STEM Concepts Made Simple:

  • Geography Marvels: As your child identifies and places continents, they develop an understanding of geography, learning the names, shapes, and positions of the continents on a global scale.
  • Geological In: By piecing together the Earth's core layers, your child grasps fundamental geological concepts such as the Earth's composition, its molten core, and the significance of its structure.
  • Critical Thinking: Assembling the puzzle fosters critical thinking skills, spatial reasoning, and logical sequencing – vital components of STEM learning.
  • Interactive Exploration: Engaging with the puzzle encourages a multisensory experience, helping children absorb STEM knowledge through tactile and visual cues.
  • Inspiring Future Explorers: By immersing your child in Earth's intricate makeup, the puzzle ignites curiosity, laying the foundation for future interests in geology, geography, and broader scientific exploration

Our Earth Core Puzzle transcends traditional playtime, offering an educational adventure that unlocks the mysteries of the Earth and ignites a lifelong love for STEM learning. Explore, discover, and learn with a captivating tool that melds education with imagination.



Nesta Toys

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4+ Years

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Premium Birch Ply Wood


400 G




1 unit

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1 Montessori Wooden World Map with Continents & Earth Core


 20 X 20 X 5 cm

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