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Peg and Add Wooden Toy

Peg and Add Wooden Toy

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Peg and Add toy forms the perfect link between numerals, object counting, and addition. Children can add numbers between 0 and 10 using pegs and no matter what combinations they try, they will always find the right answer. It also helps them read addition problems in an equation format. Using pegs makes the abstract arithmetic procedure of addition very concrete, making children enjoy it as they soak it in completely.

How to Play?

Counting is the fundamental building block of arithmetic. Using pegs to count and add involves the application of fine motor skills which automatically ensures greater accuracy and stronger reinforcement of quantity. Memory Games such as bringing back the pegs for a particular number strengthen children's memory for numbers which is critical for all mental arithmetic operations. The actions of picking, placing, and removing pegs improve pencil grip and hence writing skills.



  • Peg and Count: Show the child how to cover the yellow board with any one of the white bases that hides the corresponding number of holes. Peg and count whereby the pegs indicate the quantity


  • Take any two bases, one from red set and one from blue set. Place them on the first two sections. The numerals on the bases represent the numbers being added. Take the corresponding number tiles and place them in the slots below. Peg the open holes. Transfer all the red and blue pegs to the large base starting from one. This gives the child the sum of the two numbers. When the child is very comfortable with counting, flip the large base over. This base has no numerals printed. the child now has to count and arrive at the answer. "


  • Keep one set of bases in front of you. Place the pegs in a cup in another room. Place a shell on one of the bases, the child has to remember the same and bring the corresponding number of pegs. You can even play a memory game with two sets of bases, keep red ones in a tray and use the blue one to indicate which pair you want the child to bring.


  • Take any one of the red bases. Find the complementary blue base that will complete the decagon. Eg 7 and 3. Then place each of the pair on the base and ask the child to add. The answer will always be 10. The concept of Arithmetic Addition Tables of 10 is important for carrying out arithmetic operations, especially for carryover/ borrowing. This toy introduces the concept in a simple manner."

The Child Learns to:

1. Develop Fine Motor Skills.

2. Develop Counting Skills.

3. Develop Problem-Solving Skills.

4. Develop Hand-Eye Coordination Skills.

Box Contains:

1 Peg and Add Wooden Toy

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SK 015

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3.5 Years



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Wooden Toys




2.08 Kg


395 X 160 X 140 cm


1 Unit

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1 Peg and Add Wooden Toy

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